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地政相關簡易英文應對詞句50 則

Asking Directions. 問路
Mary is waiting for the bus at Zuoying South Bus Station, Henry comes up to her.
瑪麗正在左營南站等公車, 亨利走向她.
Henry: Excuse me, ma'am. Would you please tell me how to get to the Nanzih Land
Office from here? 不好意思, 女士, 可否告訴我如何從這裡到楠梓地政事務所?
Mary: Yes, take the No.29 or No.6 bus and get off at the stop of Nanzih Administraion
Hall. Nanzih Land Office is located on the 4th and 5th floor at that building. Do
you read Chinese?
你可搭29 號或6 號公車在楠梓行政大樓下車, 楠梓地政事務所位於那棟建物的
四, 五樓, 你懂中文嗎?
Henry: Well, just a little. It is very difficult to live at Kaohsiung City if you don't read
Chinese. 嗯! 一點點, 假如不懂中文的話, 在高雄生活是很困難的.
Mary: I want to go to Nanzih District Office, we are going the same way, I will tell
you how to get there. 我要到楠梓區公所, 正好順路, 我會告訴你怎麼去
Henry: Really? It's so nice to have your company.
真的? 很高興有妳作伴
Mary: Here comes the bus.
Talking about the Registration of Creation and Cancellation of Mortgage.

Tom made a loan contract with Taiwan Bank, now he wants to apply for the
registration of creation of mortgage, Susan is helping him.
Tom 和銀行簽訂借貨契約, 現在他想辦理抵押權設定, Susan 正在協助他
Susan: Hello, may I help you? 我能為您効勞嗎?
Tom: Yes, I made a mortgage contract with Taiwan Bank, how do I apply for the
registration of creation of mortgage?
是的, 我和台灣銀行簽訂抵押權契約, 我該如何辦理抵押權設定登記呢?
Susan: Yes, do you take your contract and other documents along?
是的, 你有攜帶契約書和其他文件嗎?
Tom: Well, what kinds of documents I should submit?
Susan: You should submit a bipartite contract, certificate of ownership, and certificate
of identification, also you should pay a thousandth registration fees.
你要繳交契約書一式二份, 所有權狀及身份證明文件. 另外再繳交千分之一的登
Tom: Will you give me any certificate for the registration of creation of mortgage?
Susan: Yes, We will give you other rights certificate, it is eighty dollars each.
是的, 我們會給你他項權利證明書, 每張80 元
Tom: I still have one question, if I pay off the mortgage, how do I apply for the
registration of cancellation?
我尚有一個問題, 如果我的還清抵押款後, 該如何辦理塗銷登記?
Susan: The bank will issue the agreement of cancellation and other rights certificate,
and you apply with your identity document, our personnel will be happy to help you.
銀行會發給你塗銷同意書及他項權利證明書, 請你攜帶身份證明文件一同來辦
理, 我們的職員會很樂意協助你.
Tom: Thank you for your kindly help. 謝謝你的協助
Susan: You are welcome. 不客氣
Talking about the Registration of transfer of ownership 所有權移轉登記
Andre wants to apply for the registration of transfer of ownership, but he doesn't
know how to do it, so he asks the staff in Nanzih Land Office, Oscar.
Andre 想辦理過戶登記, 但他不知如何辦理, 因此他到楠梓地政詢問工作人員,
Andre: Excuse me, I want to apply for the registration of transfer of ownership.
Would you please tell me how to do it? 抱歉, 我想辦理過戶登記, 請您告訴我該
Oscar: Please fill out the application form and a bipartite sale contract, and submit
letter of seal and certificate of ownership from obligor, certificate of identification
from applicants, proof of duty payment of land value increment tax and deed tax, stamps
tax .
Also we have to charge a thousandth registration fees and certificate fees, 80 dollars
請填寫登記申請書, 契約書一式二份, 並繳交義務人印鑑證明及所有權狀, 申請
人身份證明文件, 土地增值稅及契稅完稅證明, 印花稅, 同時我們收取千分之一
的登記費及書狀費每張80 元.
Andre: How long will it take?
Oscar: It will take three days, which may be extended if your case is to be supplemented.
要花三日處理時間, 如果您的案件被補正, 時間還可能展延.
Andre: Well, I will fill out the application form and contract, and return in a few days,
hope you will do me a favor again.
那麼, 我就填寫好申請書及契約書, 過些天後, 我再來辦理, 希望您再次協助我.
Oscar: This is my pleasure. 這是我的榮幸
Talking about the registration of inheritance 討論繼承登記

Robert's father passed away last year, he wants to apply for the registration of inheritance.
But he knows the procedure is very complicated, so he is looking for help at Nanzih
Land Office. Helen works at the 1st section in Nanzih Land Office.
Robert 的父親於去年過世, 他想辦理繼承登記, 但他知道程序很複雜, 因此他到楠梓地政事務所
尋求協助. Helen 服務於楠梓地政事務所第一課.
Helen : Hello, Mr., may I help you?
先生, 請問我能為您服務嗎?
Robert: Mm, yes, my father died on January 7th last year, and I paid the inheritance tax,
Now I don't know what I should do, would you please tell me?
嗯,是的, 我父親於去年一月七日過世,我已繳清遺產稅, 但現在我不知道該做什麼, 妳能
Helen: Of course. First, you have to fill out the application form, and then I write
the following documents you have to submit on this paper: 當然,首先先填寫登記
申請書, 然後,我在這張紙上寫上你應繳付的文件:
(1) Copy of household register noted with the death of ancestor.
(2) Copies of current household registers of inheritors
(3) Genealogical list of inheritance.
(4) Certificate of payment (exemption) of inheritance tax
1. 被繼承人死亡戶籍謄本
2. 繼承人現戶戶籍謄本
3. 繼承系統表
4. 遺產稅完稅證明
And inheritors should state "This list has been completed according to the civil law,
The inheritors will be responsible for legal duties should it be untrue" on the Genealogical
list of inheritance. The heirs will be fined if they don't apply for the registration of
inheritance after six months for the death of the deceased.
繼 承人應在繼承系統表上記明"本系統表依民法規定製作, 如有不實, 繼承人願負法律責任"之字
樣. 繼承人如於被繼承人死後六個月內未辦理繼承登記, 將被課予罰鍰.
Robert: Uh, mm...these procedures are too... complicated, maybe it's better for me to
look for a professional agent. By the way, I still have one question, I know my
father made one mortgage contract with Kaohsiung City Bank six years ago, how do
you make this registration for the mortgage?
嗯, 嗯...這個手續實在很....複雜, 我最好找個專業代理人, 對了, 我還有一個問
題, 我知道我父親在六年前向高雄市銀行貸款, 現在你們如何登記這個抵押權?
Helen: According to our existing laws, your father's liabilities should be transferred to
his heirs, we will make this registration on our land register.
依據現行法令,被繼承人生前債務將轉由繼承人負擔, 登記簿上會加以記載.
Robert: OK, thank you for your help. I will commission an agent to do it.
好吧, 謝謝你的幫忙, 我會請個代理人來幫我做這件事

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